Saturday, 5 January 2013


Guted.  A perfect gull roost tonight at Chasewater with Glaucous, Iceland, Caspian and Med Gull, superb.  I am sitting at home absolutely knackered and in shock.  Knackered as worked all day tree felling and in shock because Derby have managed to beat a lower division side to get into the fourth round for the first time in god knows how many years.

I am sure you will be shocked when I tell you that this time next year I will have passed a certain landmark regarding age, I will be celebrating my 22nd anniversary of being 18!!!!!!!!!  I really would like to go somewhere special and different during my year of that age, indeed one party I am having is at the Cambridge folk festival in the summer.  But one place I really would love to visit is Norway.  I have been told to cut my teeth in Lesbos my more experinced birders and although I respect their knowledge I think the heat would be my downfall.  Not here though.  Check out Gullfest 2013 I have been reading about.  Wow.

Dont worry though.  A)  there is no place for someone like me there, I would be way over my depth there and B) I can't afford to go there.  Dreams.
I wonder if there is any decent birding in Blackpool??????????

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