Sunday, 10 June 2012

A new start.

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  It is exactly what it says in the title, this blog is about Whitemoor Haye.  I love this place and get there whenever I can, either a good stomp around the lanes, checking the pool and the various woody areas or just sitting by the pool and seeing what turns up.  Whitemoor Haye is not the best place in the county to bird by a long way and most posts will be pretty dull but every now and again something turns up pretty good, take the Woodchat Shrike in 2010 for starters, a first for Staffordshire, found by yours truly.  Birding is my main hobby but I also take note of other wildlife whilst walking around so I will report these on here when necassary and I will also ask any readers I have to also send your sightings to me and I will happily put them on here. 


  1. Great to see you back like the new look

  2. Hi
    I visited Whitemoor Haye a few days ago having found out about it from your old Blog. I had a wander round the lanes and enjoyed watching the Tree Sparrows & Little Owl. However the only water I could see was at the adventure school. Is there access to view the new pit that I couldn't find, or is that where you go? I'm a birder passing by on the canals but will be back for another visit soon.
    Good luck with the new Blog!


    1. Hi. Due to a very miserable land owner, birders are not welcome to enter the quarry at anytime so the only place to see the water is between the outdoor place and the quarry entrance. I shudder to think what is missed on those pools. Dont know if you know but I work for BW so will look out for you on the canals. Many thanks for reading the blog, I hope you will like the new one.

    2. Thanks. I'll definately go for another look when we next pass by. I'm on nb Muriel ( Say hi if you see us, the kettle is always on!